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Golf communities in Somerville, South Carolina

Many buyers interested in Summerville, would like to live in either the golf course or in a golf community SC real estate. List of golf communities in Summerville area short - only three - especially compared to some other places in Charleston. However, Summerville also has some of the most affordable homes in this category. After all, you can not live on a golf course for under $ 300,000 anywhere else in Charleston! I included three communities below in order of popularity with some additional information about each other.

Legend Oaks Plantation is usually the number one choice for home buyers because it has a wonderful selection of homes, most of it is newer. Condominium start in the mid $ 100s, and homes start just under $ 200K. Pink The current house price $ 400 less. In addition to the golf course, Legend Oaks with other equipment such as tennis, swimming pool, and club house. Although you can see some of the houses built in the late 1990s, largely built 2004-2009. Like most new home in Summerville, lot size Different from approximately 0.2-0.3 hectares.

Wescott Plantation also popular, but some consumers feel that the community is too big. Wescott has his townhouse in three subsections: The Abbey, The Garden, and the gates. Prices start in the low $ 100s. Environment consists mostly of single-family homes, which started in the low to mid $ 100s and go up to the mid $ 200. Almost all homes in Wescott Plantation was built after 2002. Thus, in general, the community is the latest selection of homes compared to two other neighborhoods in this list. Only single-family homes located on the golf course, and you'll see it in the subsections Heritage Park, Wescott Preserve, Birkdale, Pine Valley Village, and Glen Wescott. In addition to golf, Wescott Plantation There is also a swimming pool and club house.

Pine Forest Country Club is the smallest of the three communities, but have the option of home anyway. Most of the houses built 1990-2005, although this time there was some new home construction is also available. Pine Forest Country Club also has a junior Olympic size swimming pool, tennis, and club house. Golf community is the most unique of the three I discussed for the land developed. Land used to belong to the Hunt Club at Pine Forest Inn, which dates to 1891. Lodge used to have a golf course that is one of seven golf courses built in the United States. Although the golf course is currently at Pine Forest Country Club is a new design, people will still offer the historical relationship.


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MOM, are you happy?

I recently stayed at Home Mom and I just pressing. I love my baby, but I miss my career and my colleagues. Going back to work is not an option. But, how can I be happy? What can I do?

Signed - miserable MO

Honey miserable,

Making the transition from a busy career woman to stay at home mom can be quite a struggle, especially if you really enjoy your job and your coworkers. Nakapunta me there!

Do not get me wrong. Being a stay at home with your mom is a great job. I Nakapunta your mother for several years and I do not nonprofit being home with my kids for anything. However, it is difficult to adjust to the transition from a conversation with an adult to talk to the dude diapers drooling all day.

So, how can you go from stay at home with your mom striving to be happy?

Take time for you. Get rid of the guilt. You do not need to play with your baby 10 hours a day, just because you are home. You can take time to RUB some lotion on your legs or read a book. Set a positive example for your child is important Mommy, too. And, every time you took a magazine or book, you also strengthen the concept that reading is good. (Well, even if this is the reason, it worked for years for me.) So, grab a book and relax. As long as you keep the baby close and safe, you will be fine.

Spending time at your wedding. You may not always want your partner, but you adore him. Do you go on a date night or just sitting together on couch at night, showing him that he is special to you.

Do not let the 'messy house syndrome' win the battle. Try to do at least one load of laundry every day - and keep it. Loading the dishwasher before you go to bed so you can wake up to a clean kitchen every morning HDR. You will get a better feeling about your day if you do.

Stay healthy. If your health suffers, you can not take care of your baby. Eat well, drink lots of water, take a nap every chance you get, and try to get some fresh air and exercise every day. It is good for you and your baby. And, as convenient as a drive-through fast food, keep to a minimum. Sodium and fat that does not help your mental or physical health.

Plan a lunch date or time of an adult. Bring a lunch for your baby meet your teammates. Alternatively, if the baby does not handle very good restaurant, then have your friends over the weekend for a barbeque or a card game. You can still have a life.

And, of course, if you just can not break past the blues, or if you feel unsafe around your baby, and then get help. I promise you that you will not be the first mother who goes to the doctor's office and breaks down in tears. It is difficult to work with Mom. And, it's a heck of an adjustment.

Beware of you. Need a healthy, happy Mommy Your baby. Your baby will be worth it - and so do you.

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Increase Sales By Flying Under Your Prospects' Defense Radar "

How do you persuade someone to do what they want to do? The whole world of marketing exists around us trying to do every minute of the day. Did you notice even now or, like your prospects, whether intentionally to set up a system of "radar defense" against the daily bombardment of marketing messages? Take a minute and count up the advertising methods that fighting for your attention (and money) every day. Only a basic list includes: Yellow pages advertising Newspaper and magazine ads Postcards, catalogs, and direct mail circulars to "snail mail" your box Radio offers interrupting the flow of your favorite songs TV advertising - about 20 minutes worth per hour now Hundreds of storefronts, "mega" malls, and strip mall Highway billboards by thousands Circular hanging on your doorknob Illegal signs on stop signs and telephone poles Legitimate e-mail Spam email or UCE (unsolicited commercial email) Only 11 sources can overwhelm your brain with marketing messages. 

Trapped like rats, people develop a defense against attacks that never ends. They threw a wall or a "radar defense" that goes into action when they kiss "pitch" or a sales job. Do not blame them. We all do! So how can you get around this psychological wall against the constant sales and marketing messages? Well, the answer does NOT lie in hitting people with more frequent and obnoxious advertising or sly, sneaky tactics. You can get them to trust you for a minute, but it will backfire in the long run.You must do two things instead: 1. First, you have to establish credibility for yourself and your business as expert.2. Second, you have to reduce their concerns about doing business with you.Doing two things you get past their defense and allow you the opportunity to persuade them to buy your product.So how you achieved the same "simple" thing? What will win someone's attention, learn the facts, and lower their fear factor all at once? A word nswer genuinely applies to most everyone.Trust! 

If the seller can get behind your defenses with information that makes you believe it, then reality will carry over the sale of a lot of time. How can you get this fact? Well, take this fact in the next online marketing "gospel," for many people has proven effectiveness.Fact:Publishing and promoting with free articles gives you one of the most powerful Tip opportunities available consumer credibility scale in your favor. How can we prove it works? Pretty easy really. Taking a break from reading this and go look at a newspaper or magazine for a while. Which do you trust more, an ad or article? Most people will choose the articles hands down. Why? Since the article was not trying to "sell" something. Instead, they share useful information for educational or other practical purposes.Most of us grew up in a culture that says we can believe and "trust" what appears in common " : news "or" information "format. In other words, if it appears in print, then we can believe and trust author.So ahead! Use this lifetime of conditioning to your advantage to sell your products and services! Very few things that will create an atmosphere of trust and confidence in the people who read one of your articles about topics of interest to them. 

It shows that you know your business. It also shows you will do more than try to sell them something.Publishing articles literally lets you fly under their advertising So remember these points when deciding whether or not to use articles to promote your business "defense radar.": 1. Some things creates a lot of trust and confidence in the minds of potential customers reading an article you wrote on the subject in particular and intense interest of them.2. Articles establish credibility quickly because, right or wrong, we are trained to believe "the news." 3. An article or series of articles, will differentiate you from the competition, who bombard people with nothing but sales messages.4. Provide rich content, article non-sales-oriented will also help to build and strengthen your relationship with existing customers to give you repeat business.

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3 Tech Companies That Started in Bend, Oregon.

Dan Hobin, CEO of G5

Photo courtesy of G5

Breakout business: G5

Second floor office space in downtown Bend G5 stage seems set for a sitcom about the company postmillennium technology. There is a full cooler of Red Bull, heating pipes open and bare concrete floors, dart boards for blowing off steam - even dogs need to run the table in the area of ​​open space work.



Why Bend, Oregon, The Big City next to Entrepreneurship


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"There is no work in the office," said CEO Dan Hobin, who founded the company seven years ago. "All they want to work at Starbucks. So it is a great coffee shop "At the last count., G5 has 130 employees and a 43 percent growth rate per year. 2012 bill is expected to top $ 22 million. From the original concept of providing internet marketing for the self-storage facilities, has expanded its online services for homeowners and multifamily apartment retirement.

Hobin came from northern California in 2002 and founded the Bend Venture Conference. "Nobody here even knows what a venture conference," he said. "We want to start a conversation."

But after two years in, he can not find a company that wants to invest. So he started his own. His brother has some self storage units in Los Angeles and has a small internet presence. Which leads to the G5, a marketing tool for business category typically are not tech-savvy.

"We bootstrapped the company for five years," said Hobin. "I did not do that in Silicon Valley, but you can run the company for a lot less money in Bend. I also want to compete with 50 other companies for my employees. They will jump across the street for a better job. '

In contrast, the Presenting Hobin pro overqualified in almost every position. "If they're in Seattle or San Francisco, they will have a much bigger job, but they do not like Seattle or San Francisco," he said. "This will be a 10 minutes and costs a tenth of what the outcome of life, you get more and more people focus on what they do."

Help from friends: Agere Pharmaceuticals

Agere founders Dan Marshall Smithey and crew lived in Bend since the 90's. They met while working at Bend Research, which was founded in 1975 as a technology pioneer in marine timber - "a neat little company making science cool," said Smithey.

In 2007, they want to formulate an idea for a company to develop and manufacture materials for clinical trials. But where to do it? When they experienced one of those moments Bend with prospective employers groups. "We met a man who happened to be a world-class electronic business person and happen to live here," said Smithey.

Ron Rohrer - founder of Signal Integrity Performance and 2002 winner of the prestigious Phil Kaufman Award, which honors individuals who have made significant advances of technology - stopped in Bend. "He guided us and finally invest in us," said crew. "It's never going to happen if we went somewhere else."

Agere is expected to double this year's growth and are now up to 20 employees. "You can not believe the number of conversations that we had over the years about how we can make it to Bend," said Smithey. "So to see it all happening now kind of amazing we do not want elsewhere."

Dream team: Element 1

Four businessmen, each company at least one start before, sitting around the table. Three - Rob Schlüter, Dave Edlund and Peter Hall - teacher Element 1, fourth, Greg Haugen, CFO them.

Element 1 Concept clarified. This is probably one of the five companies in the world offering products that produce hydrogen on demand. These products start shipping in the fourth quarter of last year and cost $ 500,000 in 2012. When the product earned a reputation for reliability, Schlüter said, "there are projects of the customers could mean tens of millions of dollars."

Element 1 all teachers come to Bend because they love what the area has to offer. Schlüter arrived in 1998. "If you want to stay here then, you have to create your own job," he said. "Dave and I are neighbors, and we want to find our way and realize that perhaps 70 percent of the home, a man who has a business."

The percentage of employers would rather decline as more successful startup boost their hiring. "But there's a critical mass," said Schlüter. "Look around the table just this. Everyone knows what it's like to start and run their own business. It is an embarrassment of riches. '

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Top Home Based Franchise in 2012

There are many reasons you might consider starting a home business: cost savings, found that work-life balance that elusive ... Or maybe you just want to spend all day in your PJs. Whatever your reason, if you choose to go homebased, the world of franchising has a lot to offer.

In the list of Top Homebased Franchises us, you will find companies in industries ranging from cleaning to fitness in senior care - and none of them require their franchisees to office space outside their own door before. (But just for the record, most of them need a wardrobe that consists of more than your jammies.)

Franchise 101 are listed here based on their rank in the dealers 2012 Franchise 500 ®. This list is not intended as a recommendation of any particular company. Always do your homework to find the right franchise for you. That means consulting with a lawyer and accountant review, legal documents franchisor and other franchisees to talk to.

See List of Top Homebased Franchises

Read more stories about:

Franchise 500,


Home-based businesses

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This article was originally published in the April print issue in 2012 with entrepreneur title: Bring to Front.

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Titan CEO Maurice Taylor French failure factory agreement

About four years ago, Goodyear (GT) announced it closed a passenger car tires and agricultural crops in Amiens, France. This prompt companies interested in taking the wheel. Needless to say, nobody showed up unless you really, Titan (TWI). Titan is a collection of previously closed plant, the company went bankrupt, and the company lost millions. We have the wheels of steel conveyor belt and we also tires.We worked at Goodyear for about a year on a deal, but under French law union must approve first. May 10 workers in the factory, the largest communist group, led by Michael something-but I called Spike because his hair spiked way up high. We flew and met with about 30 people there. I'm convinced we do to cut the wages of union but told them we are going to produce more. I said, "We expect workers to come for seven hours a day. You are paid for the lunch hour and breaks, but I've noticed that you are currently working about three hours on the same day and the rest of the time you remind me the beauty salon with all the chit-chat and milling around "Well, Spike stood and said," You do not understand the French way.! "I proceeded to tell him that the French way, my friend, you will lose your job. And we have to seize the plant. So Goodyear announced a total closure of the factory, and all the people losing their jobs.The French ministry wrote me letters and e-mails trying to get the Titans back to the table. Then minister of industry, Arnaud Montebourg, especially bulls --- has sent me a letter about it. And I thought, I'm sick of politicians. So I sent him a letter back explaining that we are trying to save jobs, but the guys in the government will not do. Titan will invest elsewhere. I'm looking to buy now.When French Russian companies really work, they work as hard as American, German, and English. I have a factory in Normandy with a large workforce. But when you are dealing with some of the industry unions older, they have all the arcane rules. If they do not get their act together, all of the high-income jobs left in the French industry. Want to know how the auto industry in America go down? UAW has a stranglehold on Ford (F) and Chrysler and GM (GM). I asked about it a few days. - As told to Claire Suddath

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You can not Hide From the Facebook Graph Search

It often seems as if it will continue to remind us of how we choose to share with the world about our online behavior, whether we realize it or not the primary purpose of Facebook. Recent lessons along the lines of the new social network "search graph," which at first sounds like a feature that is quite boring only attractive to marketers. As with much of what Facebook (FB), however, is also a warning sign: If you rely on a few things about yourself is not so much a private residence as latent or hidden from view, sun over.For effective example of what it means in practice, look no further than a new Tumblr blog started by a London-based programmer Tom Scott, entitled "The realization Facebook Search Graph.", also sounds pretty dry and academic, until you look more closely at some of the things that makes it trivially easy to search Facebook for things like "Muslims people interested in living in Tehran, Iran" (where homosexuality is a crime punishable by death) or "family members of people living in China and as the Falun Gong," the two religious groups Members persecuted.Many the regular search may figment of an overactive imagination Tom Scott (at least for now), but the fact that makes them relatively easy to do a search on the graph Facebook. Dave Morin, a former Facebook executive who left to start a line of mobile social networks, showed that companies have this kind of interest search powered graphics for some time and this type of targeting based on "wants", and interests, friends, and the next page, etc. . available in a variety of ways for advertisers. But it is much more stable and more public now.In FAQ on the blog, Scott said he was not trying to make a deep debate about privacy, and the subtitle of his Tumblr blog: "Do not worry, we'll all use it in a few weeks'. "But it's still worth thinking about the implications of the Facebook graph search, especially given the fact that many people do not seem to appreciate the nuances network privacy settings, something that Facebook does not really make it simple or easy to figure out. Even Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg's sister Randi recently shocked by it, so what other opportunities we have? In a recent piece in the Atlantic, a philosophy professor Evan Selinger and his co-author, Woodrow hartzog, argues that in many cases it is not really useful to talk about privacy, which is a fuzzy concept in the world of real-time information, " frictionless sharing, "and" drain data "(information that we give off as we move on the Internet, often without realizing it). Instead, they argue that what we really lose the protection of darkness in the sense that the public information before but it is technically difficult to find given the form of privacy by obscurity: "darkness created by a combination of factors. Being visible to search engines increase the darkness. So the use of pseudonyms and privacy settings. Disclosure of information means that the code is only a limited audience increasing darkness grasp, too. Because some online disclosure of highly confidential or highly publicized, the biggest part of the social web communication falls along a broad continuum of darkness: a range that goes from completely hidden pretty clear "As Selinger notes, a recent publication of the map. New York State registered owner of the gun that makes a lot of examples of the same point Scott intrusive search graph on Facebook. Information about who has permission weapon is public by default in New York when it will be published (although the new legislation proposed to make it personal), but it is difficult to collect and therefore almost nothing disturbed. Another type of information is technically public government databases, and so on, but it is difficult or impossible to extract useful data from.Of course, the same is the case with a lot of information in the world before plus Google (GOOG), and we must learn to fix the fact that "the Internet never forgets" the information you have posted online last year (or the information posted about you by others) do not really think about the consequences will come back to haunt you. But Facebook has taken on a new level of intimacy, because a lot of what happened was so short: an "i," action, click on the things that can not even remember doing while they may seem at first glance,. each can be permanent as anything on the Internet, and the public, unless you can master the intricacies of what Facebook allows you to hide and what it is not (and as Scott notes in its FAQ, you probably should not rely on it , anyway). As Megan Garber of the Atlantic point to the post, the social network is essentially making you a virtual version of the signal, the version considered by all of the activities and interests, some harmless and some may not.It may seem ridiculous that someone can say they "like" ; racism or anyone who is really seeking behavior and use it somehow. But if we learned anything from the era of big data, that information is available stained or there may be a problem because the harness, and not always the way you want them to.Also from GigaOM: Social Fourth-Quarter 2012 Review (subscription required) Launching Netflix Profiles Personalized Is it Time Story Behind Some call yearThe: How Netflix and YouTube Want to Take AirplayTim Cook to Apple investors: Keep Calm and Stop Listening Rumor Exclusive: 'Virtual Guidance Counselor' buy Desire2Learn Degree Compass Bill Gates-backed